Fatima, oder von den mutigen Kindern
Opera for children in 1 act
Commissioned by the Wiener Staatsoper
Libretto: Rafik Schami/René Zisterer
Worldpremier 23.12.2015 Wiener Staatsoper
© Kulturmontag ORFII | Johanna Doderer | Fatima, oder von den mutigen Kindern
Beitrag: Barbara Pichler-Hausegger

The children’s opera of the Austrian composer was commissioned by the Vienna State Opera and premiered in the main house on the 23rd of December 2015 under great applause and cheering oft he children and the audience.

„What makes this work special is the balancing act between topics that are suitable for children and a great opera that also satisfies the acoustic demands and the tradition oft he Vienna State Opera“ – so the composer.

The fact that this was accomplished more than successfully was shown by the euphoria oft he young audience and this work is also a proof how enthusiastic children can get about great stage music.

"Fatima, des Traumfresserchens
zweiter Teil "
Die Presse
"Den Kindern eine Stimme geben"
"Ein Werk das bleiben wirdt"