Johanna Doderer


The Vienna-based composer Johanna Doderer was born in Bregenz in 1969 and studied with Beat Furrer in Graz and then composition and music theory with Erich Urbanner and film and media composition with Klaus Peter Sattler in Vienna.

The focus of her work lies on opera. Besides many works for chamber music, she has also written several works for orchestra. Her compositions are performed throughout the world.

After grappling with techniques of contemporary music for many years, she has found her own compositional language, which does not exclude tonality. Johanna Doderer´s music has become established in the great musical centres of the world next to the classical and contemporary repertoires and has long been loved and enthusiastically interpreted by internationally successful artists throughout the world. Hence, her co-operation and friendship with eminent interpreters, starting with Patricia Kopatchniskaja, to whom she dedicated her own violin concerto (ORF CD), Marlis Petersen (CD), Angelika Kirchschlager, Sylvia Khittl- Muhr, Yury Revich, Nikola Djoric up to Harriet Krijgh, form the core of her work. In 2014, Johanna Doderer was awarded the Ernst Krenek Prize oft he City of Vienna, the highest honour the City of Vienna can bestow in this category.

Honours and scholarships:

2001: Vienna Symphony Orchestra Scholarship
2002: Austrian State Scholarship for Composers
2002: Cultural Prize oft he City of Feldkirch
2002: Cultural Prize oft he City of Vienna
2004: SKE Publicity Prize
2004-2005 Composers in Residence at the Wiener Concert-Verein
2012: Artist in Residence Teheran/Iran
2014: Ernst Krenek Prize